Learn How This Brand New Gadget Helps You Optimize Your Swing With Ease & Makes Golfing More Fun

teefinder© 4er Pack now only $24,90 instead of $31,60


The Teefinder in a nutshell

1. From now on you do not have to care about losing or looking for your tee anymore, it is always right next to. As a result, it makes your game more relaxed, supports you to focus better on your swing and increases the whole game flow on the course.

2. The perfect and right routine on your swing is crucial in golf. There are many important factors to always hit the ball on the sweet spot. One of the factors that can improve your swing is always providing the same height for your ball from the ground. That way you always tee up at the exact same height no matter where you are playing, either on the driving range or on the course. Also you can train much faster and safer on the driving range because you do not have to collect your tee after every swing.

3. Everybody wants to play on a nice and prepared golf course. Many people are not aware that left behind tees are a significant problem for greenkeepers. The reason therefore is that the tees in the grass do a huge damage to their machines and mowers. Leaving all the plastic parts in the grass does not do any good for the environment either. With the Teefinder© you will be part of a great solution.

Why Teefinder?

• time-saving on the driving range & on the tee-off
• better tee- and ball stability
• more safety on the driving range
• optimal ball-floor distance
• high quality product made in Europe
• improvement of the golf etiquette

The teefinder is THE upgrade for any golf gear.


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